Why are there so many colors of Glimmer Mist?

Glimmer mist is the foundation for the Tattered Angels paint line. You can use it to create beautiful watercolor affects, along with other painting techniques. Building color on top of color gives an amazing unique look to every crafting surface. In order to give every person a wide variety of his or her personal color preference we continue to add to the beautiful color spectrum of Glimmer Mist every year.

What is the best way to protect the surface I am working on?

Before you start you will want to cover your surface with a paint mat. One of our favorite tricks is to spray into a box, which captures all the paint over spray. If there is an overspray, you will want to wipe the surface as quickly as possible.

The Glimmer is at the bottom of the bottle, what is the best way to shake my Glimmer Mist?

The bottle should always remain upright and then shake it side to side and around in circles. Avoid flipping or turning it upside down, keeping all that great glitter in the bottle and not clogged in the sprayer.

Is there a way to speed up the drying process?

Absolutely, we always have our heat gun handy and dry the surface.